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Sadness, Seasonal Depression, stressed, low motivation, crying? Thinking too much, awake all night, racing thoughts, can’t stop obsessing? Too much energy, overwhelmed, feeling out of control? Past events making you feel like you are nervous, unsettled/unrested? Behaving or feeling in a way that does not match your intentions, feeling all over the place? Can’t seem to forget about something or someone, feeling lost, or confused about who you are?

Want to organize your life, increase self-esteem/confidence and become the person buried down inside that you have forgotten about?

Maybe you have your own symptoms not listed? This is ok because you are unique and we can tailor your treatment designed for you. YOU MATTER. Please book your free 15-minute phone call consultation, at your earliest convenience! Let’s help you heal, because mental health is key to function. Feel free to visit my profile on Psychology Today or